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Selecting the Right Tennis Racket for Your Skills

Knowing the type of tennis racket that you want is important because they exist in different sizes, weights, and designs, these variables play significant roles in determining how you control, feel, and influence the play. People need to understand that tennis rackets are not the same and you should pick a racket that matches your need, for example, you may need a racket that helps you have good ball control, spin or power, furthermore the tennis racket you choose should match the level of your tennis skills. Given the variety of features people are supposed to consider before buying a tennis racket most of them tend to overlook some details making them buy unreliable tennis racket negatively affecting their tennis play to help you pick the tennis racket we have outlined here some of the important factors you need to consider before buying one.

Grip plays a significant role as it gives you control and source of stability during tennis play, therefore, getting the right grip for you is imperative, generally, most tennis rackets are between 4 to 4 and 5/ 8th inches, to know your grip size in inches measures from the center of your palm to the top of the middle finger, their way to estimate your grip size is by holding a tennis racket with your dominant hand and then sliding the index finger of the other hand between the tips of your fingers and the base of your palm, if you established there is more space then the grip is too large for you, however, if you learn there is no room for the index finger to slide the grip is too small, in case you have only these two options it is recommended you pick the small grip because you can always add the grip size with overgrip tape.

Length is another variable that you need to pay attention to when you are buying a tennis racket, for beginners, you should stick to the conventional 27 or 28 inches racket, however, if you want more power-play you may consider the 29 inches racket, the longer the tennis racket the greater the leverage of the swing which gives you more power to shot, however, long rackets are difficult to maneuver and aim, therefore, the beginner should be cautioned.

For beginners a large head balanced racket is recommended because it gives them power without extended swings, when the head of the racket is matched with the grip the player get sufficient power and control during play, the recommended tennis racket specs for starters are a head size of 106-118 square inches, 27 inches length, and weight of between 9-10 oz which is lightweight. Those are some features you need to look for when buying a tennis racket.

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